Are you throwing away money at the pump?

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Are you one of the 16.5 million U.S. drivers wasting $2.1 billion dollars a year?

Like millions of other people I prefer to buy premium products. They are almost always better quality and last longer than their less expensive counterparts.


Premium gas is not better than regular gas

Although it has more octane, it didn’t increase horsepower or fuel economy, decrease emissions or clean engines any better than regular gas in cars that are designed by the manufacturer to run on 87-octane regular fuel.

According to a study that AAA conducted 16.5 million U.S. drivers spent $2.1 billion they didn’t need to in the past year on premium gasoline. (source: AAA)

So do yourself a favor, If you currently buy premium gasoline, take a look at your owners manual and see what they recommend for your vehicle.

Save yourself some money at the pumps.

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…because everyone needs gas and insurance!