SR-22 Insurance

What is SR-22 Insurance?

For some drivers with “high-risk” insurance policies, an SR-22 (also referred to as a certificate of insurance) is required. An SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance document required by most state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. A DMV may require an SR-22 from a driver to reinstate his or her driving privileges after being cited without insurance, being in an uninsured car accident, or receiving a conviction of another traffic-related offense, such as driving under the influence (DUI).

An SR-22 can be required for up to three years for a conviction of driving without insurance or driving with a suspended license. For a DUI, it can be required for up to five years. If an SR-22 expires or is canceled, the insurance company is required to issue an SR-26 form and submit it to the DVM. This certifies the cancellation of the policy, and can cause even more issues for the driver. (source)

Are you an Oregon driver needing some assistance with the SR-22 Insurance application? Search no further than Westside Portland Insurance Company. Our agency has considerable experience in dealing with SR-22 applications. We establish a complete automobile insurance policy for you and handle all DMV forms, making the process as painless as possible.

An SR-22 form has to be filed by Westside Portland Insurance Company, your insurance company, and sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Its purpose is to demonstrate verification of economic liability by a specific individual. As soon as the form is filed and acknowledged by the DMV, your license suspension can be lifted and you will be able to drive an automobile once more lawfully.

Oregon State Law requires that you possess these amounts of liability coverage for any SR−22 rider:

  • Minimum $10,000 of Personal Injury Projection
  • Bare minimum $10,000 for Property Damage Liability
  • Bare minimum of $10,000 for every person of Bodily Injury Liability
  • Bare minimum of $20,000 for each accident of Bodily Injury Liability

Failure to Report an SR-22 and SR-26 Filings:

Failure to report an SR-22 with the state can lead to your drivers license and/or license plate being suspended for three years! If your SR22 approved vehicle Insurance Policy cancels, lapses or expires for just about any reason, Westside Portland Insurance Company is required by law to send an SR26 Filing for the state DMV notifying them that you’re once yet again out of compliance regarding Oregon Financial Responsibility regulations. When an SR-26 is filed, the state can then suspend your driver’s license.

Driving Without Insurance – Even Unknowingly – May Cause You to Need SR−22 Insurance.

You could mistakenly drive a friend’s car not knowing that they are driving without proper insurance. You could be moving a friend’s car because they are impaired and get pulled over. If the car has no current insurance, you may be issued a citation and be required to acquire SR-22 insurance. It only takes getting charged once without insurance and you will need an SR-22 certificate of insurance. Ensure your friends have coverage before driving a vehicle that is not your own.

Keep Your Current Insurance Coverage

If you get an SR-22 because of a DUI or car accident and still have car insurance with another provider, you may lose your coverage with them. Insurance companies can cancel your coverage at any time, and having an SR-22 can be reason enough. If you would like to keep your other insurance coverage, stop by our office and we can discretely file your SR-22 application and get you the certification of insurance that the Oregon DMV requires. We work with people who already have State Farm®, Allstate®, Farmers®, and American Family®, to name a few.

Call Westside Portland Insurance Company today for more information. We can help with filing SR-22 Insurance Forms as a Hillsboro resident. We can also assess your situation and check to see if you need an SR-22 or not. Give us a call today: (503) 648-4010.