Hillsboro’s Newest Insurance Website Can Save You Money!

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We listen to our customers and they told us what they want in an insurance website.

“Make it quick and easy to navigate, designed for mobile phones, and get to the point! Make the information easy to find, and let me talk to a real person without searching for the phone number!”

Skip, owner of Bill Higley Insurance partnered with Hook SEO Digital Marketing, to produce a highly targeted website that Oregonians can use and get what they need without messing around, and without having to wade through the 300+ page websites of those national carriers.

Bill Higley Insurance is located on TV Hwy, a couple blocks west (toward downtown) from Home Depot/Lowes/Office Depot at Esplanade in Hillsboro, Oregon.

This news/blog section is where we will post information about local charities and events, news, and information that you care about! Not just generic “safety tips” and “approved content” by the big name brands that they hand out to all their branches and franchises.

Hablas Español!

We have fluent English and Spanish speaking staff! We can explain your coverage and your policies in the language you are comfortable with!

Discount Insurance Available!

We are an INSURANCE BROKER, which means we shop many carriers to find you the best deal for you! National Carriers and those ones you see on TV with their cartoon characters, and computer animated animals only want to sell you their most profitable products.  We want to save you as much money as possible!

Call us and let us give you a free quote on discount insurance!  Call 503-640-4010